Using the Seaham Harbour Chat Room Chat  

You will see a series of icons at the foot of the chat window. Try these out for yourself to learn how they are used. Also try out the private messaging facility on the drop-down menu in the right-hand column.


Instant (private) messaging     

 You can send and receive person-to-person messages in chat room. Instant message windows indicate when users are typing, and when they have closed their private message window or have logged out. Simply select “AWAY” from the drop-down menu in the right-hand column.

Resizable Float & dock     

The float and dock feature allows your users to 'float' the chat room in a separate, resizable window.

Profanity & Text filter     

Users may be restricted  which might be considered profane, we will use this facility to moderated profanity.  

Larger Text    

 Visually impaired users may  increase the size of text used in the Chat Window.

User ignore feature     

Users may easily ignore another user by selecting 'Ignore' next to the user name. The ignore feature blocks all public and private messages of the ignored user.

Automatic URL & eMail recognition     

Web sites and eMail addresses entered in the chat room or in private messages are automatically recognized, and display as a link that users may click on.


Transcripts of  Chat Room conversations

Seaham Harbour Online do not produce transcripts of either public or private conversations.  


This Chat Software requires Java:
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