logo collage
                MINING HERITAGE PROJECT - JUNE 2004

The children of Parkside Infant School
design and paint their "Banner for Today".

At first there was nothing. Just the idea of a 
"Banner for Today".  The children worked with the
artists, Barry and Jon and with Mrs Harwood their
Head Teacher and produced ideas on paper.
Next there were two canvasses to prepare for the
front and back of the banner. The canvasses were
painted white to begin with.
Everybody helped. It was a big job for such small 
people but they worked and worked.
Then it began. Guided by the artists the children 
began to paint the borders of the canvas with items
which they had decided on. 
Some children painted butterfies. The worked with 
great concentration.  Mistakes would not be very 
easily corrected.
Barry and Jon supervised the work carefully and the 
children became better and better as they completed
more and more of the work.
As the work progressed the professional touch of 
the artists was needed for the complex design of
the main areas of the banner.  Artists and children
worked closely as a team.
And then, the banner canvasses were nearly finished. 
It had taken a long time but it was looking good.
The butterflies were nearly finished on one side of 
the banner.  They had been painted with loving care.
On the other side of the banner the hands hand been 
painted with equal care.
The artists checked the childrens work at every 
stage, guiding and demonstrating the best way to do
Until finally, the childrens' work was completed and
the canvasses would be taken away to be finished 
by the artists and then to be stitched to form a very
impressive "Banner for Today".