What you need to know about whippet weight handicapping.

Weigh-in There are larger whippets and there are smaller whippets and it doesn't just depend on how old they are. The weight of a whippet may depend on its age but it may also depend upon its breeding or on whether it is a dog or a bitch. 
To take these factors into account, racing whippets are handicapped according to their weight. 
Unfortunately for the luckless whippets this means that there must be an official weighing-in. 
The picture shows Racing Champion Morticia at the weigh-in with her owner Melanie Wright a local owner from Murton. 
Despite the apparent discomfort to the whippets, their temperament is such that the weigh-in presents few problems to the officials. 
Typical NWRF Handicap Arrangements for a Golden Jacket Event
All events are over 160 yds. Handicapping is 2ft per lb.
Dogs run in one of three broad categories ADULTS (over 12 months), PUPS (9 to 12 months) or VETERANS (over 5 years).
Dogs and Bitches run separately.
ADULTS weight categories:20, 23, 26, 29, 32, 35 lb.
PUPS weight categories: 21, 28, 35 lb.
VETERANS weight categories: 21, 28, 35 lb 
Dog and bitch winners of each weight class will run-off separately in two weight groups (20, 23,26lb) (29, 32, 35 lb) to decide the two top whippets of each sex. 
There will then be a two dog and two bitch final to decide the overall Golden Jacket Winner. Dogs receive a 2 ft sex allowance when dogs and bitches are together.
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