Community Centre Logo Chairman: Kevin Alderson, 7, Parkside Cres, Seaham Co.Durham
V-Chairman: George Jane, 52, Fern Cres, Seaham, Co.Durham
Secretary: Bill Grimes, 33, Fern Cres, Seaham, Co.Durham
Treasurer: K.Steven, 21, Ash Cres, Seaham, Co.Durham

Announcing a bright new future......

Parkside and District Community Centre was formed by local residents about 1983 in a building which comprised only one modest sized hall, two small meeting rooms and some kitchen facilities. At that time the building was used solely by its owners, Parkside Senior Citizens Association who were finding the financial burden of the upkeep a little heavy. The formation of the community centre under the auspices of Durham County Council solved the problem for the old people and also opened up a much-needed facility for other groups in the community. For twelve years the Parkside & District Community Centre has seen many ups and downs but on the whole it has thrived, though the old people no longer use it. We have a thriving Youth Club, Dance Teams, Football Teams, Aerobics and many other activities going on throughout the week. And it is all run by local volunteers and is self-supporting ( though we take advantage of any grants available).

sad face First, the bad news.....
.... our Community Centre building has been demolished. It had its faults but it served us well.

Happy Face Now, the good news......
.....they're building us a brand new Centre!
It will be finished sometime in June 1996.
Parkside has a wonderful opportunity to make this new Centre a place to be proud of. There will be a big expansion of our activities and we will have the possibility of catering for everyone. In particular, we would like to see activities start up again for our Senior Citizens without whom we would not have had the old Centre. We are hoping to start-up JobClub and a Luncheon Club in the new Centre. We're betting the old people will turn-up more often for the Luncheon Club! Watch out for us. We'll be telling you more soon.


Our new centre is up and running.

The centre is an important part of the wider "Seaham Regeneration Strategy. It will help meet the need for training, business counselling and advice.
It will also provide outreach health and social services including childcare, and leisure facilities including and external play area and all weather sports pitch. The project is thought to have created or safeguarded up to 14 jobs during construction and will indirectly create 200 jobs after completion. In addition 110 new training places will be created/assisted and 30 trainees trained.

Take a look at our picture gallery of the Big Opening.

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