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Glad to note my name still exists in your guest book which I visited some time ago. Re-visited Seaham in October 1996... excellent redevelopment. Can you identify sailing ship proceeding to the bar? I recall standing on the head of the old North dock to see departure of German sail training ship in mid 1930's. Her name was the `Werner Wien'. or something like that. My new Email: You should be proud of your Web site efforts. Brian Rowell
Brian ROWELL <>
BRISBANE, Queensland Australia - Monday, December 29, 1997 at 20:48:39 (EST)
Stumbled on your site and find it fascinating. I was born in Oxford, England and lived in Hampshire for many years. Now living in sunny southern California. Will be returning to U.K. for visit in May 1998. Will be visiting Seaham. Anyone out there know the whereabouts of Murray J. Walling who lives, or lived in Seaham a few years back? If so, please pass on my e-mail address. Would love to hear from him or anyone else who would find anything about California interesting. Love your site.
Lorraine C. Nel <>
Agoura Hills, California U.S.A. - Monday, December 29, 1997 at 15:13:29 (EST)
A very Happy Christmas and New Year to all our friends around the world. Why not make a resolution to contribute to our web site in 1998? Best wishes, Ed Mason Seaham Harbour Online
ED Mason <>
Seaham Harbour, Durham England - Wednesday, December 24, 1997 at 20:50:09 (EST)
Nice to see you got round to updating the site. It does bring back memories of the old place and yes Seaham is changing for the better. Keep up the good work and what about the cricket results!
John Parker <>
Diraz Bahrain - Wednesday, December 24, 1997 at 05:49:50 (EST)
The site was really come along since I last visited too many months ago. Came home in August and was suprised by all the work being done on the old place. Look forward to seeing it all done when I come back Xmas 1998. One thing I swear the weather is much colder than I ever remembered but then I'm spoilt here.
Lesley Roberts <>
Phoenix, Arizona USA - Sunday, December 21, 1997 at 07:45:19 (EST)
Having lived in Seaham 1970-1978. I was pleasently suprised to find this page. My love for the town will never fade, as my wife Joan (nee Parker) my daughter Helen and I still visit on a regular basis. My recolection of the old Vane tempest site from my place of work at Crompton and Harrison was shattered on my last visit, the sight of all the new houses and open spaces convinsed me that Seaham will become the active town that my in laws (Tommy and Jennie Parker) Keep up the development.
Keith Brine <>
Havant, Hampshire - Thursday, December 18, 1997 at 16:01:53 (EST)
I have lived in Seaham for over 15 years, before moving to Leeds in August 1997. I'm pleased to see Seaham on the web and moving on with the times!
Amy Cowell <>
Leeds, Leeds UK - Thursday, December 18, 1997 at 08:03:42 (EST)
found your web site a nice suprise .still have relatives on daphney cresant and at the harbour my father grandfather and greatgrandfather are burried there os my roots run deep in seham my father Bll and uncle Jim were born and raised there my uncle runs a pub near the harbour .live in florida now with my wife and kids and it was nice to find a little of the northeast online keep up the good work
graeme whelan <>
daytona beach, florida u.s.a. - Saturday, December 13, 1997 at 12:27:19 (EST)
My grandparents both came from Seaham Harbor and their names were Margaret Young and Norman Potts both born ca 1901. Margaraet's parents were John Young and Elizabeth Turnbull Norman's parents were John Potts and Mary Clarke. I am wondering if there is any family still in Seaham? I would love to connect with you. This is a wonderful web!
Laura Witt <>
Seattle, Washington U.S.A. - Friday, December 12, 1997 at 16:12:37 (EST)
HAVANT, HANTS ENGLAND - Friday, December 12, 1997 at 15:34:18 (EST)
A most interesting Site. I lived in Easington Colliery until 1949. If any old Ryhope Grammar Schoolboys of 1942-1949 are viewing this I would be glad to hear from them. -Or girls from Seaham Harbour Grammar, my wife was there. ( Edith Matthews)
Clive Russell <>
St.Annes, Lancs. U.K. - Friday, December 12, 1997 at 14:05:26 (EST)
FOR JOHN HAYES John you didn't leave us your email address or we would have written back. Ed Mason. Seaham Harbour Online
Ed Mason <>
Seaham, Co.Durham - Friday, December 12, 1997 at 09:00:12 (EST)
Just stumbled across this site by accident ! I work in London but still live in Seaham & was feeling a bit homesick when I found this site. Cheered me up straight away. Tremendous for the town to have such a high quality site to promote its history & perhaps more importantly its future. Anyway I'm going to show the Yanks I work with that Seaham really does exist ! Keep up the good work.
John Hay
London, England - Wednesday, December 10, 1997 at 10:40:33 (EST)
I've been working long hours over here in Singapore. When you're a long way from home you tend to tell your friends about where you're from - it's great to be able to show them too. I don't get back to the UK very often, so I hope that someone I've lost touch with will see this message and drop me a line.
Phil Barron <>
Singapore, Singapore Singapore - Friday, December 05, 1997 at 10:19:30 (EST)
Forgot to mention my maiden name is Wallace
Sheila Eriksen <>
Langley, B.C. Canada - Wednesday, December 03, 1997 at 20:09:16 (EST)
Great site!! I was very excited to show colleagues my home town. Would like if possible to know whereabouts of Norah Latham (nee). Think of her often.
Sheila Eriksen <>
Langley, British Columbia Canada - Wednesday, December 03, 1997 at 20:05:32 (EST)
I enjoyed looking at the pic files as we haven't lived in Seaham for over 20 years. The lack of colliery winding gear is a major factor for ex-pats returning, after being raised in the shadow of "The Nack." It would be nice to hear from ex-Seaham Grammar School pupils from 1965-1972. Regards Alan Guy
Alan Guy <>
Perth, WA Australia - Wednesday, December 03, 1997 at 08:56:55 (EST)
Excellent networking site for those interested in the history and further development of our region. Trevor Williamson <>
Hawthorn, Durham UK - Friday, November 21, 1997 at 10:34:20 (EST)
I am a Byron scholar from Canada. I am interested in the Milbanke family - Byron's in-laws as you know. Are members of the family still living there? Is the home where Byron courted Annabella still there? If not, can anyone point out where it was and the beach where they walked? I was in Britain photographing Byron's places last spring and hope to be back in '98 or '99. Any responses would be welcome Thanks

Anne Ridsdale Mott <>
Vancouver, B.C. Canada - Tuesday, November 18, 1997 at 00:08:06 (EST)
What an excellent example of the possibilities of the internet.

Mike Dawson <>
East Grinstead, West Sussex England - Sunday, November 09, 1997 at 08:41:55 (EST)
I browsed my way onto your site having searched on the town my Dad was born in. Great site encouraged me to visit the real Seaham. Good luck to the site author, keep on updating.

Steve Gaut <>
Staffordshire, - Sunday, November 09, 1997 at 02:53:45 (EST)
Quite a good web site, Hi to everyone in seaham. I was born in seaham and still living there. I am looking forward to the redevelopment of the Harbour and the seafront.

Paul T Newby <>
Durham England - Tuesday, November 04, 1997 at 10:31:25 (EST)
Have enjoyed my visit to Seaham's Web Site. So pleased I was introduced to the site by Albert Nugent.

Brian Myers <albri @>
Wear Valley, Durham UK - Tuesday, November 04, 1997 at 02:48:24 (EST)
Have enjoyed my visit to Seaham's Web Site. So pleased I was introduced to the site by Albert Nugent.

Brian Myers <albri @>
Wear Valley, Durham UK - Tuesday, November 04, 1997 at 02:46:03 (EST)

SEAHAM , CO.DURHAM ENGLAND - Saturday, November 01, 1997 at 13:00:16 (EST)
oops, got my email wrong last time

Dave Proctor <>
- Saturday, November 01, 1997 at 01:41:04 (EST)
As an ex Seaham Lad,it made my day when found your site. Altough I left when I was 15 to join the army, family and friends have always been a good excuse to visit the old home town. (unfortunatly not as often as I would like) If anyone remmembers me from my days at the "SIS" I would love to hear from them. Keep up the good work of putting Seaham in the public eye. Dave Proctor, Germany

Dave Proctor <>
Bochum, Germany - Saturday, November 01, 1997 at 01:38:24 (EST)

BEV <>
seaham, durham england - Saturday, October 25, 1997 at 18:44:19 (EDT)
Great site

Simon Tuck <Mag>
Seaham, Co Durham England - Friday, October 24, 1997 at 10:58:19 (EDT)
Born in Seaham in 1926 and revisited last year,1996, and found dramatic changes...all to the good! Keep me posted!

Brian ROWELL <>
Brisbane, Queensland Australia - Thursday, October 23, 1997 at 01:20:28 (EDT)
Really good site. Although I'm not from Seaham myself, my dad was (Tim Barrow). His dad (George Barrow), my grandad, worked at Dawdon Colliery, he survived the Great War where he served with the Tyneside-Irish and won the MM with bar. They were a famil y of three sons (Tim, Adam and George) and a daughter (Peggy), who lived in Cottages Road. Later, when all the kids had left home, they lived in School Street. I have fond memories of going to 'me nanas', there was always a lovely big coal fire burning, t he tastiest stotty cakes, going to the lav across the yard, always a packet of black bullets in the top drawer of the dresser - I could go on. I still get to Seaham occasionally, the last visit was to Seaham Leisure Centre where my Uncle George celebrated his golden wedding. Now I've found the site I will visit it regularly.

Pat Barrow <>
Vienna, Austria - Monday, October 20, 1997 at 06:46:48 (EDT)
Originally from Wearside, now living in Scotland. I am researching my family tree. Looking for information on Isabella Cowey (known as Bella) who took the surname Drummond on marriying. Lived in Seaham area. Believed died late 1950's

Raymond Cowey <>
Renfrewshire Scotland - Sunday, October 19, 1997 at 15:24:57 (EDT)
I liked very much this page. Everybody in Brazil love this page.

Flávio Almeida <>
Belo Horizonte, MG Brazil - Friday, October 17, 1997 at 17:18:09 (EDT)
SUNDERLAND, - Friday, October 17, 1997 at 09:44:24 (EDT)
To Ed Mason-thanks for response. We used to live in an old house almost opposite the stone bridge [Cromwells Bridge ?] that lead up to the fields in Dalton le Dale.Had a blacksmiths shop alongside and what used to be a joiners shop underneath. All gone now.Went to Deneside school.Before we had a special school bus (1956 ?] we used to walk down to the houses at the bottom of the Dene ( Might be different now but it was the same in 1978) and then across the fields to Deneside in sun, rain or snow. I sometimes wonder what became of the other kids that I used to know. Some names: David & Peter Shields of the Shields Farm; Robert(Bobby) Glaister ;John Sparrow. Probably all scattered far and wide.All for now--
Alan Dickeson <>
Brisbane, Queensland Australia - Saturday, October 11, 1997 at 10:40:26 (EDT)
I was born in Seaham 49 years ago and lived in Dalton le Dale until I was 10 when we migrated to Australia. I was delighted to see that Seaham has a place on the Web.I haven't been back for twenty years but I will visit again as soon as I can.

Alan Dickeson <>
Brisbane, Queensland Australia - Tuesday, October 07, 1997 at 08:54:14 (EDT)
Sorry, typing too fast, didn't mean to mis-spell Seaham !
Bev McDougall <>
Perth, Australia - Tuesday, September 30, 1997 at 03:46:08 (EDT)
My parents were amazed when I told them that Seham Harbour had a web site. They would love to hear from anyone who remembers them. My dad is Walter Murray, lived in Murton, Deneside and Westlea, Mum is Sylvia (nee Bell) formerly of Maureen Tce, Seham, used to own "Sylvia's" hair salon in Murton, Moved to south of England 33 years ago, still lots of family in Murton. Now in Australia. Please email me ! Bev.

Bev McDougall (nee Murray) <>
Perth, Australia - Tuesday, September 30, 1997 at 03:44:12 (EDT)
This is a very good site, it is very useful and I keep coming back again and again! I put a message here earlier, but I would like to add to it. I am looking for the name of a bakery that was in Seaham on Church Street about ten years ago. It may no t be around anymore. But in the name of the shop, is a last name that begins with an M. If anyone remembers this bakery, I hear it was pretty good, I would appreciate it if you emailed me! <>< Stacey

Stacey <>
Medford, NJ USA - Sunday, September 14, 1997 at 17:05:59 (EDT)
I'm researching family and local history in Seaham from a distance and with a small baby so visits to the North East are rare! Found your page via Northumberland and Durham FHS page, very interesting and useful, would like to hear from any family/loca l historians. I'm particularly interested in GILCHRIST and PAXTON families and am trying to find out more about either/both Bottleworks. Will return again soon! Helen and Rob Mycroft

Helen Gilchrist Mycroft <>
Sheffield, Yorkshire England - Tuesday, September 09, 1997 at 17:31:57 (EDT)
Hello, I am 16, and just found out that part of my family is from England. Soon after that I met a cousin who knows a bit about our family. She showed me a postcard from Seaham and then told me a story of family there. Only twice this century has our family from the states visited our Seaham relatives. I am now begining to seach for that family. I thought this was the best place to start. There are two family names that we know of, one of which I do not remember. The name I do remember is "Masters" my family that visited Seaham years ago are und er the name "Williams" If anyone knows anything about this, please contact me at I would love to exchange history and pictures. <>< Stacey

Stacey Currie <>
Medford, NJ USA - Monday, September 08, 1997 at 17:47:01 (EDT)
found by accident but found it to be very good and informative

keith nicklin <>
- Monday, September 08, 1997 at 17:20:22 (EDT)
I have some share certificates in "Seaham Harbour Dock Company" which belonged to my grandfather. I would be grateful for any info as I'd quite like to frame them if they're not worth selling as they're dated 1949 & 1976. I like the website, one of the best I've found.

M.L. Harriott <>
Worthing, W. Sussex U.K. - Wednesday, September 03, 1997 at 16:00:40 (EDT)
Very impressive pages. As a native of the North East it is good to see someone trying to push the area.

Ray Tynemouth <>
France - Thursday, August 28, 1997 at 06:09:29 (EDT)
Hello, I´m maritime lawyer and writing research of responsibility in maritime safety field. Now I`m searching materials about maritime safety in the harbours. With best regards, Margit Markus

Margit Markus <,>
Tallinn, Estonia - Thursday, August 21, 1997 at 06:31:01 (EDT)
Hello. Happy memories of cricket club, Foggins and the Magee's. Will be back sometime to roll the pitch!

mark palmer <>
Perth, Australia - Friday, August 15, 1997 at 05:00:52 (EDT)
G'Day Ed again, This site of yours just keeps getting better and better,although I do miss the opening with the two piers and the sailing ship going through, yes I know it is there on the new opening but it was great when it was enlarged. I have just got over a severe bout of the influenza virus as there is an epidemic in Victoria just at this time, all of the major hospitals have now got no intensive care beds at all and they are sending patients to hospitals some 50 kilometres away. Keep up the good work and I will be getting in touch with you through the E-Mail later on. How is Sadie going? good we hope and finghting fit. Kindest Regards. Bill & Grace.

Bill & Grace Rutherford <>
Bayswater North, Victoria 3153 Australia - Tuesday, August 05, 1997 at 00:40:17 (EDT)
Is the name of Alfons Seigler in spelled correctly? If so, I would be interested in making contact with him as our spelling of the name is very uncommon. Can you provide me with a mail address or an e-mail address? Tha nks for your consideration and help. Dave Seigler.

David Seigler <d-seigler/>
Urbana, Illinois 61801 - Monday, August 04, 1997 at 12:51:01 (EDT)
Did like you said Eddie, Visited the guest book. Very good nice to Seaham advertised in America. See you when we get back.

Nora Gregory <Nora>
Orlando, Florida USA - Thursday, July 31, 1997 at 19:04:16 (EDT)
Seaham's own web page is bright, interesting and quick. I hope it continues to grow and will become more useful to a wider group of people.

Peter Dent <>
Seaham, Co. Durham England - Wednesday, July 30, 1997 at 07:51:33 (EDT)
Love the new page layouts Eddie! I particularly like the scrolling text at the foor of the first page! I may well nick that!!! :-) Hope you're well. Regards Colin

Colin Barratt <>
Washington, Tyne & Wear England! - Sunday, July 27, 1997 at 15:46:50 (EDT)
your new page layout looks pretty impressive

barry mason <>
seaham, durham england - Sunday, July 27, 1997 at 11:13:40 (EDT)
Just looking. Found your site when looking for details about Kalamunda in western Australia where some relatives live. I didn't expect to find anything about it on a site dedicated to Seaham Harbour which I have never been to but which is I expect so mewhere up the coast. Like everyone else I think the site is really good and is quick downloading and I may visit Seaham someday.

David Andrew Williams <>
MIDDLESBROUGH, Cleveland United Kingdom - Friday, July 25, 1997 at 23:20:58 (EDT)
Researching John Walker, Jane Walker, Oliver Walker, James Walker; listed in Seaham on 1881 census. Most of family remained around seaham-Newcastle area.

John T. Walker <>
Fresno, California USA - Wednesday, July 23, 1997 at 22:58:30 (EDT)
Nice to see the Seaham Harbour On-line site being updated. looking forward to reading the rest. The guestbook it a good idea. As intended, ..... it will give pointers to other exiles.

Tom Moreland <>
London, UK - Wednesday, July 23, 1997 at 17:18:40 (EDT)
Excellent site - congratulations

Keith Atkinson <>
Sunderland, Tyne & wear England - Wednesday, July 23, 1997 at 04:59:41 (EDT)
I am interested in the place of my birth, 77 years ago.

Francis Duggan <>
- Tuesday, July 22, 1997 at 16:04:29 (EDT)
An excellent web site. Graphics superb, easy to get around, educational and informative. Well done.

Fred Devlin <>
Newcastle, Tyne & Wear England - Tuesday, July 22, 1997 at 13:55:59 (EDT)
Im from the North East but moved down here 6 years ago...I found yous through Demeters page whom i know from IRC Happy Surfin (c;

NeeWay <>
Cardiff, Mid Glamorgan South Wales - Monday, July 21, 1997 at 22:27:35 (EDT)
Very well laid out page, I understand you are still building it. I tried to see the guide to walks but was thrown out. I look forward to trying again soon. I love the Northumbrian Coast and would be very pleased to recieve any coastal walks information Good luck with this venture. Kay

Kay Eadie <>
Leeds, W Yorks England - Friday, July 18, 1997 at 06:47:26 (EDT)
Hope this Guestbook enables ex-harbour lads and lasses to get in touch with one another. But don't forget to keep in touch with Seaham Harbour Online!!!

Ed Mason <>
Seaham, Co.Durham England - Wednesday, July 16, 1997 at 18:25:58 (EDT)
HI Eddie thats a bit of GOOD Presentation for Seaham A 200% better than the E.D.C. Page of rubish alma.

SEAHAM, ENGLAND - Wednesday, July 16, 1997 at 18:23:41 (EDT)
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