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If your are interested in local history , genealogy or your own family tree this page is intended for you. We want it to meet your needs and to open up for you opportunities to come into contact with others of similar interest.

We have included links to some useful genealogy WWW sites. Let us know of any other "hot" sites you visit so that they can be included.

We also want to hear your ideas for the development of this page.


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Tim Doyle's Home Page

UK + Ireland Genealogy Home Page

Online Genealogy Information about the UK

Genealogy Links

Beginning Genealogy

Genealogy Reference Services

Genealogy On The Internet

Irish Genealogy

Genealogy Index

More Genealogy on The Internet

Everton's Medieval Genealogy

Even More Genealogy on The Internet

Genealogy Links

Some Useful Genealogy Links

Genealogy in North East Scotland

Scottish Genealogy Society

Some Genealogy Home Pages

Genus Genealogy Programme

Genealogy on the Web

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