Seaham Harbour - Time Line
A Virtual Walk Along the Seafront

If you haven't walked along the clifftops at Seaham Harbour recently then you can't appreciate the transformation which has taken place.  There is general consent that much of the work which has been done has been successful BUT there has also been some criticism particularly of the artwork which has been described as "cutting edge stuff".  We will take you on a virtual walk along the seafront from Terrace Green to Seaham Hall Car Park. 

MAP KEY: (1) Seaham Hall Beach Car Park. (2) St Mary's Headland. (3) Vane Tempest Car Park.  (4) Opposite entrance to former Vane Tempest Colliery.  (5) Upper Promenade (6) Terrace Green. 
Start the virtual walk by clicking on the number 1. All the numbers are clickable.  You can return to the map at any time though we will lead you southwards along clifftops stopping at selected spots along the way.

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