5.Upper Promenade

The tall sculpture at the north end of the upper promenade
The sculpture is at the top of the pathway down to the lower promenade and the beach. It is only about 50 yards south of the Vane Tempest Sculpture which can just be seen in the distance.  The view looks northward.  Visible in the picture is one of the pavement plaques which make up the "Time Line" described on the Seaham Hall Beach Car Park sculpture.

A view of a mid-section of the Upper Promenade

Several features with were introduced during the regeneration works can be seen in the picture including:
  • new style street lamps
  • bollards
  • new seating which offers views of both the seafront and the beach
  • new railings
  • new paving

View from the southern end of the Upper Promenade looking north

Former Barclays Bank at north end of the Upper Promenade.

The wall to the left of the old Bank at the western end of Bath Terrace has been completely re-built and enhances the approach to the promenade.
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