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Seaham Harbour Online

County Durham’s First Virtual Town - Established 1994

Web site designed & created by E.W.Mason ©  1994-2010

Welcome to Seaham Harbour Online.

We hope you will enjoy your visit to Seaham in the north-east of England and will return again and again. Please don’t leave without a visit  to our Guestbook.  You’ll find it an extremely informative experience and you just might  find a name or two which you recognise  from the past.




A Miracle of Nature

Seaham Harbour is a modern miracle of nature and of human collaboration.

Seaham’s known history dates back to Saxon or perhaps Roman times as evidenced by the Church of St Mary the Virgin.

Its Harbour was hewn from the cliffs in order to transport coal from neighbouring mines. Mining dominated the landscape for almost 150 years. Colliery waste disposal from Seaham’s three deep mines, which reached out more than 3 miles under the North Sea, seemed to have irreversibly spoiled the stunningly beautiful beaches and coastline. But nature was to have the last word and when the pits finally closed in 1992, the sea began a clean up which to many of us is a miracle. The local communities and councils worked their socks off to contribute to the transformation which still continues.

Seaham is now a rapidly improving seaside town to be proud of . We hope we can give you some  feeling for the place and its people on the  pages of this web site.

Meet old friends  and new

A  new road, a new era.

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The Last Friday Night at Vane Tempest Welfare Centre - What a Pity

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“The Brothers - waitin’ t’ gan down”
Seaham’s latest cultural acquisition. Located close to Barclays Bank in the town centre the sculpture was unveiled in a ceremony on Sunday, 31 July 2011. The work is by artist Brian Brown and is dedicated in memory and respect to the industrial heritage of Seaham that fuelled the local economy. It is dedicated to all those who worked so hard below ground and under the sea at Seaham, Dawdon and Vane Tempest Collieries....to provide energy for Britain’s homes and industries for so many years risking life and limb.