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Local Heroes  


Local heroes are part of any established community.  Seaham Harbour is no different in this respect.  We feel it is important not to forget the contributions such people have made to our town.  They will not all be war-time heroes who performed acts of bravery.  Their contribution may be of quite a different nature.  The main thing is that their contribution meant that by giving a large part of their lives they significantly affected the lives and aspirations of those around them or those who followed them. 
We need your help to do this successfully.   We need you to provide your own recollections of the individual, any factual info such as date of birth, where they lived, schools they went to, photos etc.


artie_50 PC 827 Arthur Clifford Lockyear.
Nominator: Colin Hall, New Zealand   Category: Community
PC Artie Lockyear was a well-known and respected figure in Seaham and is often referred to as the typical old-style Bobby that many wish still existed today.
William Davison.
Nominator: Brian Richardson   Category: War-time
William Davison was awarded the French Medal of Gallantry, for attacking  a World War I  machine gun post.  Only three people were awarded the medal William, Winston Churchill and one other
William Edward Purdy
Nominator:Julie Brookes    Category: Community
William Edward Purdy  was  born in Seaham around 1901. He was a Fireman and Ambulance Driver who regularly saved lives.
Barry Sutherland
Nominator:   John Smith   Category:  Personal Sacrifice
Barry Sutherland was born in Seaham and gave his life at the age of 12 trying to save a young girl from drowning near the Featherbed Rocks in 1961.
Vivian Humphreys
Nominator: NancySmith   Category: Personal Sacrifice
Viv Humphreys was only 12 years old when he died trying to save a young girl from drowning off the Featherbed Rocks.
Sir Thomas Allen
Nominator:Julie Brookes    Category:  Entertainment
Tom Allen, opera singer, is a Seaham lad who is now of  international reknown and has never forgetten his roots.
Thomasina Todd
 Nominator: Les Alexander    Category: Community
Councillor, magistrate, charity worker and, during the war years, she chaired many local groups
Gary Rowell  
Nominator:J amie Cole  Category:  Sport
Gary, a Dawdon lad, is a Sunderland AFC legend and is now a well-known sports broadcaster.
Terry Fenwick
Nominator:Jamie Cole    Category: Sport
Terry Fenwick was brought up in Dawdon, played football for Spurs and England.
Brian Marwood
Nominator: Jamie Cole    Category: Sport
Leo Smith Leo Smith
Nominator: Mico Murphy    Category:  Sport
Leo, at 78 years old must be the oldest active footballer in Seaham and is a well-known and well-loved character.
Ernie Pomfret
 Nominator:Julie Brookes    Category: Community
Ernie was a Seaham policeman but his main claim to fame is that he was also an Olympic Steeplechaser.
Keith Dow
Nominator: Catherine Ayre    Category: Community
Keith was particularly well-known for his work over many years as a Scout leader and District Commissioner.  The Seaham Scout Headquarters, Dow House, was named after Keith's father and scouting has been a way of life for the whole Dow family.
Michael Thorpe Michael Thorpe
Nominator:  Richard Thorpe    Category: Bravery and/or Personal Sacrifice
At the age of 19years, in 1961, Michael rescued the girl from the seas off Featherbed Rocks when young Barry Sutherland so tragically gave his life in attempting to do so. Michael also gave service to Seaham through his years in the coastguards as a young man.