Mail from the UK

Published: August 1996

Anyone remember Dave Johnson?

May 1996: Having grown up in Seaham (1961-1986) it was interesting to see a site devoted to the town. Hopefully I will now be able to keep in touch with what's going on in the town as I don't get back there very often these days. I went to Dawdon Junior School followed by Seaham Northlea Grammar/Comprehensive 1973-1977.

After moving to London in 1986 I worked for a while in the music business as well as being in an unsigned Rock Band. I now work as a Royalties Manager in a multimedia publishing company and still do some songwriting. I have had quite a few walk-on parts on TV and film eg Inspector Morse, Shadowlands, Behind the Lines, Black beauty, 99-1.... and also do some DJ'ing and CEWROC (jive) dancing when I get the time.

Under your famous Seaham people:-

Terry Fenwick: ex Spurs and England player grew up in Dawdon (I played against him up at the Green Drive).

Dave Stewart: ex The Eurythmics and Tourists (now solo), although not from Seaham spent some of his time there as his father worked in an office near the docks.

I look forward to further updates. .............

Dave Johnson. LONDON

Looking out for the Harbour

6th July 1996. Hello to all at Seaham Harbour Online.
It's good to see the old home town on the web and I'll be keeping a look out regularly from now on.
Born and raised in Seaham, now living in Rickmansworth near Watford, Herts. My parents still live in Westlea.
On the subject of contributions, whom can remember Arthur (Arty) Lockyear, our "friendly" neighbourhood policeman?
Wishing you the very best of luck.

George Richardson.
(from Seaham and proud of it.)
Now Rickmansworth, Hertfordshire.

Another Artie Lockyear Fan Writes............
28th August 1996:
Fear! The sight of Arty on his motobike still raises visions, some 35 years after. How could he be in so many places at once ? I had the dubious pleasure of a crack round the ear for "de-in nowt". Needless to say that crack prevented me from even thinking about de-in owt!
Derek Robson
Ed: We'd like to do an extended article on PC Arthur Lockyear in the near future.

Any contributions would be gratefully received.

5th October 1996.

This is all absolutely brilliant - I was born in and lived in Seaham (Westlea!!) until I was 18 but now live in Milton Keynes. All my family live in Seaham and my husband's family are all in Murton, so finding these pages has really made my day.
Keep up the good work

T RaceRich
aka Mrs Tracey Richardson
Milton Keynes.

Later on 5th October '96
Hi all,
I was born in Deneside (a bit of Malvern Cres that no longer exists!!) then lived in Westlea, next door to the school until 10 years ago, but all my family still live there and my hubby's family all still live in Murton. I went to Deneside Junior school initially, then Westlea Juniors, then Seaham Comp from '78 to '84 - after that I went to Peterlee College from '84 to '86. My hubby worked at what was DJB in Peterlee and we popped back home in '87 to get hitched at Christ Church on Station Road. Our son was born in 1991near our new home in Milton Keynes (here since 1986) and we get back up north two or three times a year.Reading through the Emails from UK ex-lads and lasses brought back some memories (particularly the one from my brother in Rickmansworth.......must ring him sometime!!!) Don't remember the police (pronounced 'poliss' ??!) he was on about, but hearing from someone else about Walter Willsons brings back memories.
Does anyone know if the photographer Ian Dobson of Tempest Road is on AOL? He's a friend of the family and I'd love to get in touch with him again.
Till we meet again, marra's
Tracey Richardson
[ex-Westlea person. now of Milton Keynes, Bucks (it's not as bad as people make out, yer knaa..........!)]
Ed: Lovely to hear from you Tracey. Hope you and your family are well. Don't know about Ian Dobson but I'll find out and let you know. Don't forget to keep looking in and we'd be delighted to have some more of your recollections.

Not owning-up...

26 June 1996. Hello anyone remember me? I'm Stewart Kirby. I was born in Seaham and lived there until I was 19. I'm a lot older now but I'm not owning-up to my age. I lived in London for some time but now live near Sheffield. I was just browsing the web. I did a search on Seaham Harbour and was surprised to find it had it's own site! I must be a sad old person now viewing Seaham from a long time ago with fondness. Must look at the rest of the site.
Stewart Kirby. Sheffield.

Joe McVeigh Has Cricket Club Connections.
6th August 1996: Ed,thanks for the swift reply. Regarding the Seaham page,I am delighted with it as I can get any up to date information without having to rely on making phone calls. Is there a list of somekind, of any other exiles, with the possibility of contacting each other via e-mail,etc. Anyway regarding any tales of note I do know quite a few but I would have to censor one or two of them. Finally I noted on the Seaham page the Cricket Club mentioned I am very friendly with the Secretary, Jimmy Dyson ,if you know him and happen to see him,please give him my regards and I look forward to seeing him in the future. Speak to you soon.

Anyone Remember David Robson?
I was amazed to find this on the net. As I grew up in Seaham I still try to keep in touch,but its getting difficult as both my parents are dead and I had no brothers or sisters. I grew up down the "harbour" (Robert St.) then moved to Bethune Ave, Deneside. I went to Ropery Walk (an excellent School.. who else agrees?) then to Ryhope Grammar(no comment !!) Joined Snowden & Bailes (Milanda) then joined the Navy in 1962. I never really got back except for home visits, but I have always missed it a lot. I now live in a small village called Street, in Somerset Does anybody remember me ? It would be great to get a chat line going on the net.
Good luck Seaham. I really mean it. David Robson.
Street, Somerset

Make Thugs Pay

4th September 1996. In the civic pages, you mention that it cost around 100,000 for the railings at Seaham Town Park. I hope the council are prepared to recover some of the money from the thugs who are repeatedly pulling these new railings down.....
David John Harris (University of Sunderland)

Ed:We agree with you David and I'm sure the Council would like nothing better than to get them into court. Unfortunately all communities have these types contributing nothing and taking out as much as possible.
Horns & Gullivers - wearing tartan now

August 1996: Hello folks,
I was pleased to see people from Seaham are into the Internet. I left Seaham when I was 2 but still had family connections there through my
grandparents Mr. & Mrs. J. Horn from Camden Square. He was the manager of Doggarts store in Church Street.
I also married a girl from Seaham 15 years ago. Here maiden name was
Julie Gulliver the daughter of Gordon and Bessie Gulliver.
It would be great to hear from any of you.

David Horn.

We asked David where he is now and he wrote back a few days later. Ed.

August 96:Hello Ed,
It was good to hear from you. We are now living in Cumbernauld which is
a town about 15 miles north of Glasgow. I came here for what I considered
to be a temporary job 16 years ago and liked it so much we stayed.
I work for NCR Ltd in Cumbernauld where I am a computer consultant.
The area of business I usually work in is Government or manufacturing but
our main lines of business are finance and retail.
My job mainly involves installing and implementing large UNIX machines
with several hundred users, networking, training and pre-sale. The area I
cover is all of Scotland but in the near future I have assignments in
Dublin, London and Copenhagen.
My wife Julie is a playleader with an under 5's group. The hours and
holidays suit her fine as it fits in with the kids school hours. Julie
used to live in Leechmere Road in Seaton and her sister Linda Buckley
still lives in Seaton with her husband Alan and 3 children.
I hope we can communicate again soon. Next time I will tell you about
some of our hobbies and interests.


David Horn, Cumbernauld, Scotland

A Seaham Harbour Online fan from Newcastle writes:

23 July 96: This is Fred Devlin from Newcastle sitting in an office in Tunbridge Wells.

I have been browsing through your Seaham material and it certainly looks as though it has the potential to capture a lot of interest. I am sure it will take off.

Fred Devlin.
Tunbridge Wells & Newcastle.


.....Email from good old Seaham Harbour

23rd July 96: I have been tonight looking through the Seaham Harbour On-Line pages and am impressed
that such good coverage can be obtained on behalf of the town and its people.

Can I make a suggestion? The page about the Mayor is shown on screen as white print on red background with graphics. When I printed out the page, I got a white page with
graphics as the printer ignored the background and then printed white print on white paper! Never mind, the graphics turned out well!

Keep up the good work. Best of luck with the project.

4 Victoria Street
Co. Durham SR7 7ST

Ed: I think we may have stumbled on a way to prevent people ripping-off our pages :-). But we'll look at that point Robert. Thanks for your comments.