Final Friday at

Vane Tempest Welfare Centre, Seaham

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In April 2010 Vane Tempest Welfare closed its doors for the last.

The Centre and its facilities will be sorely missed by the community of Seaham. The  contribution to community life in Seaham made by the Vane Tempest Centre was  enormous. It ranged from the provision of Bar and games facilities through to wedding  receptions and of course its original role as a miners hall.

 The purpose of this site is to provide those who have used and benefited from the  Centre an opportunity to pour out their recollections and thus ensure that the Vane  Tempest Welfare Centre will be remembered and appreciated.

 HOWEVER, it is not our intention to become involved in the rights and wrongs of what  happened to the Vane Tempest Welfare - we just want your recollections please.