May Day Happening in Seaham Harbour

If you were down in the woods Mayday

Ed Mason

There were elves about in Victorian, Deneside Park this May Day (6th May 1996). They brought the sunshine with them too.

The traditional fun day, organised by Seaham Town Council and Seaham Community Link, brought out crowds of youngsters. An air of magic cast a May Day spell over the whole Park.

The wonderful music of Seaham Philharmonic Brass flowed through the spring foliage of the tall elms, filling the Park and beaconing to children to leave their neighbourhood play to join in the fun.

Dancing Around the Maypole Punch and Judy were there too, though Ken Farrell made sure that Punch didn't bash any of the children.

Dancing 'round the Maypole was the favourite activity of the day, but there was lots, lots more to do and prizes galore.

Somebody brought some cake and every Teddy Bear at the Teddy Bears Picnic got a slice.
The Teddy Bears looked really nice. Maybe that was because there was a special prize for the best- dressed Teddy.

Two Elves Roaming the Park

The elves made sure that everyone joined in the miniature sports day but they had a difficult task in getting children to leave the big Bouncey Castle and the Face Painter.

Still, at the end of a wonderful day, the elves ( they sometimes call themselves Keeley Brickle, Sharan Bartholomew and Derick Baxter and they work at Seaham Town Council and Seaham Community Link) were very happy that the children had enjoyed themselves.

A big thank you to them from all the children and the Mums and Dads.

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