Seaham Harbour - Ideally Situated

The Tyne-Wear Area of North East England 

Visitors to North East England, regularly pass close to Seaham Harbour as they journey to the beautiful cities of Durham, York or Edinburgh. They miss so much of the real North East by just passing through. Yet it's so easy to get here.
Put another way, the Seaham area is within very easy reach of the whole North East.

Here are some approximate times for car journeys from Seaham to some well known locations in the North East of England.

North Shields 35 mins
Newcastle 25 mins
Durham City 20 mins
Sunderland 15 mins
Middlesborough 30 mins
Newcastle Airport 40 mins
Teeside Airport 40 mins
Hadrians Wall 35 mins

Road links in the North East are very good and under the best conditions, some of these times could be reduced.

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