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    The Seaham, Dawdon and Vane Tempest Banner Fund has been set up to replace the old, damaged banners of Seaham's three collieries.  The collieries themselves are long-since closed but will forever remain a part of our heritage. 
It is important to remind our children and grandchildren of their roots and of the hardship and sacrifice of life and limb which helped to build this town we call Seaham.  It is important that they should know about the wisdom and dedication which resulted in the foundation of so many things which we take for granted today.  The recreational facilities of the town were paid for by the 'miners' pennies'.  Their leaders had the vision to see the value of education for everyone and nowhere has a prouder record of providing education at every level than the mining communities of Durham and Northumberland.  Our children need to know that their forefathers generation were as wise, intelligent and inventive as they are themselves.

The story of Seaham over the last two hundred years is woven into the towns three miners banners.  Now those banners are in danger of falling apart.  They are held together with tape and cannot be repaired.  This year only one banner - the Dawdon banner is capable of surviving the march on to the Race Course for Durham Miners Gala.  It may not be capable of doing so next year.  Without Banners, Durham Miners Gala cannot be a platform to demonstrate the pride and the passion of our fathers for justice and brotherhood. 

We need your help and support to enable us to have new Banners made - they will be replicas of those tattered Banners which exist now.  We want to care for them properly.  They will be used at the Durham Miners Gala and in heritage exhibitions but they will be carefully stored and maintained.

Maybe you would like to sponsor a web page on this site to help us raise the £25,000 we need to replace and house our three Banners.  If so, you will find details on the SPONSORSHIP page. 

The children and grandchildren of Seaham are spread throughout the world  today.  Many still seek out their roots through the miracle which is the internet.  We their help too.

Please look at the DONATIONSpage and give what you can.