St Marys Headland, Seaham,Co.Durham, UK
Archeological Dig - August 1999

These pages are intended to allow Seaham Harbour folk word-wide to follow the development of an archaeological dig, commissioned by Durham County Council, on the headland surrounding the ancient Church of St Mary the Virgin, Seaham, Co. Durham UK.

The major project sponsors are Mr Tom Maxfield owner of Seaham Hall Hotel & Conference Centre, Durham County Council, Seaham Town Council and Easington District Council.  This web site is being donated by Seaham-based Dalton Internet and written and designed by Ed Mason.

The work commenced on Monday, 16th August 1999 and follows an earlier dig  in the garden of Seaham Hall Lodge which revealed a human burial site dating back to 660AD - 880AD.
Our intention is to provide a pictorial record of the dig, to describe the whole process of a typical dig for educational purposes and to feature those involved in the process and their approach to the work they are carrying out.

The Site:

St Mary's Headland, Seaham, Co.Durham
Site of Archaeological Dig, August 1999 
The dig begins at Location A on the photograph. This is a small area just south of Seaham Hall Lodge and within a few metres of the garden fence.

The Team:
Naill Hammond, Chief Archaeologist for Durham County Council leads the team of archaeologists and volunteer helpers.
Deborah Anderson, Assistant Archaeological Officer, Bowes Museum.
Fiona Mcdonald, Archaeology Department, Durham County Council.

Phil Abramson, Jo Higgins and Jim Parry from Northern Archaeological Associates are other professional members of the team.
The volunteer members of the team are:

  • Trevor Charlton, Chairman of the Story of Seaham History Group
  • Elizabeth Harwood, Headteacher, Parkside Infants School, Seaham
  • Claire MacRae, Seaham. Studying Geology, History, IT and General Studies At St Anthony's School, Sunderland
  • John Hunt, Seaham, Studying 'A'-Level Archaeology at Bede College, Sunderland
  • Jamie Scott, Final Year,studying BA Archaeology at Durham University.
  • Lynn Gatland, a qualified Solicitor and Magistrate
  • Jenny Parker from Durham (second week).
  • Sgt Ivan Sharplin from Catterick who has just returned from Army service in Pristina, Kosovo.
  • Jessica Kemp, Newcastle
  • Katy Cardownie, Newcastle

Follow the dig by clicking on the days/dates in the table below. We hope you enjoy it. 
Day 1
16 Aug 1999
Day 2
17 Aug 1999
Day 3
18 Aug 1999
Day 4
19 Aug 1999
Day 5
20 Aug 1999
Rest Day
21 Aug 1999
Rest Day
22 Aug 1999
Day 6
23 Aug 1999
Day 7
24 Aug 1999
Day 8
25 Aug 1999
Day 9
26 Aug 1999
Day 10
27 Aug 1999
Rest Day
28 Aug 1999
Rest Day
29 Aug 1999