St Marys Headland, Seaham,Co.Durham, UK
Archaeological Dig - August 1999
Day 2 - Tuesday 17th August 1999

09:00.  There was rain overnight but the morning has started cloudy but fine. Our intrepid dig team are feeling a little stiff from yesterdays efforts but still raring to go.  There is more of an air of anticipation this morning. If there are skeletons to find then surely they will be found today if yesterdays progress is maintained.  Lynn arrives on site for the first time and reveals that she and Liz studied A-Level Archaeology together last year.  Also arriving for the first time is Deborah Anderson who works as an Assistant Archaeological Officer at Bowes Museum for Durham County Council. 
Digging begins with Jo,Claire and John continuing at Trench B on the southern eastern side of the site. 

12noon. Excitement at trench A!  Jamie and Deborah have uncovered some bone. It turns out to be the upper leg-bones (femur) of a skeleton which is located in the north west corner of the trench. More bone is uncovered and it soon becomes apparent that the upper part of the skeleton is outside the trench which will therefore have to be extended.


Jamie & Deborah uncovering the first skeleton
at trench A. The cable crossing the trench seems to have been laid by a technique which has left the surrounding earth, essentially, undisturbed.

12:15pm. Liz & Lynn, excavating the mid-north section of  Trench A have made another discovery. "Bone", declares Liz holding up a piece the size of a 10p coin.  Niall and Jim were soon in the trench beside them using small trowels to carefully expose what turns out to be a skull.
Niall & Jim meticulously remove soil from around and inside the skull but it is in delicate condition. Some pieces break away and are carefully collected in a tray. Liz & Lynn look on delighted to have made a "find". 

2pm. Lunch has quickly come and gone. There is an air of confidence now.  The archaeologists have followed there hunches and they seem to have paid off already. But there is still more to come. 

Late afternoon. A third find (a skull) is unearthed at the eastern side of the trench. It looks to be roughly aligned in the same direction as the others.
Spare a thought for the poor old team who have been digging Trench B. All they have found so far is a 6" Victorian (possibly) drain pipe. But they are hopeful for tomorrow when Niall has decided to bring in a JCB digger to help remove earth to a safe depth and to quicken up the process.