Vivian Humphreys
Viv Humphreys was only 12 years old when he died trying to save a young girl from drowning off the Featherbed Rocks.

I have plenty of stories as he was a man with plenty of guts unfortunately I would have to send you a photo as I have no means to email same. When two or three of my brothers friends got drowned down the beach near the feather bed rock they found all save one. Vivian Humphreys Dad toured the beach for a fortnight till he eventually found him as he could'nt rest, he had his photo in the Sunderland Echo I dont remember the date.
My name is N Smith (nee Robinson) my fathers name was Thomas Emmerson Robinson and his connection with Viv Humphreys who was my brothers friend plus we knew the family who lived in the next street, as Dad said at the time it could have been my brother so therefore he felt obliged to look. I lived at the Harbour but now live in Cumbria. I will send photo when I get a copy.

Nancy Smith, 20th May 2002,