Final Friday at

Vane Tempest Welfare Centre, Seaham

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1. It’s All Over.

Well it’s all over.  The builders were in very quickly and demolished the lot.  My recollections are many.  In particular, we enjoyed the New Years Eve Dinner Dance and would like to say “Thank You”  to those who organised it.  I can remember having to queue outside to get the tickets they were so much in demand.  Sadie and I had our wedding reception there too. As a Miners Hall it saw the closure of all the pits in County Durham. Vane Tempest was the last.

On Christmas morning I would come down with my brothers and nearly all the male side of the family and we would have a game of snooker and a pint. Good times. Good memories.

Then there was the amateur dramatics and operatics events in the Hall. Seaham now is short of a suitable venue. What a pity.

Eddie  & Sadie Mason, Seaham, Co. Durham



1. It’s All Over


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