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Please help us identify the players in our Photo Gallery and send us any other photos of Seaham Wednesday which you may have.

Seaham Wednesday v  Sunderland AFC XI (circa 1961)
The photos below were taken during a friendly game between Seaham Wednesday AFC and a Sunderland AFC eleven which included 
Nick Sharkey, Brian Usher and a number of other players who became well know at Roker Park.
The final score was 13-0 to Sunderland - Nick Sharkey and Brian Usher "didn't get a kick!!" 
But who played for the Wednesdays? Where did the match take place? Let us know.
Another goal for Sunderland.
We think that in the picture are:
Cud Trainor (far left and too late)
Cliff Mason (beyond the Keeper)
Eddie Mason (even further beyond the Keeper).
Who's that to the right of the goal post?
Those in dark bottomed stockings are Sunderland players.
One that didn't get in. So who was the keeper?
Alan Lax (on his knees)

Who are the others? Anyone recognise the ground?

Cud and the Keeper are left to get on with it again as everyone else has decided that there is nothing left to lose and have pressed right forward.
Team Photo (around 1961/2)
Can you help us complete the team names?
Left to right...
BACK:Alan Lax, Unknown A, Eddie Mason, Cliff Mason, Cud Trainor, Unknown B.
FRONT: Unknown C, Unknown D, Les Malborough, Tom Graham, Vince Wilson.

The Goalkeeper (Unknown A) probably came from Bishop Auckland.

If you know who they are please email us.