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When "Shack" signed for the Wednesdays 
Hard to believe isn't it?  That Sunderland, Newcastle and England legend Len Shackleton actually signed for Seaham Wednesday.  Yet it's true.
The proof - an article from the Sunderland Echo in the '60s is shown on the right.  You can't argue with that.
Did "Shack" ever play for the Wednesdays? 

It was great for the young 'uns
I played for the Wednesdays around 1960-63.  I was a student at Sheffield University at the time but it was great to get a game for the team during the long holidays.
I played in a variety of positions including right half and right back.  I remember the teams as a great bunch of players who were not short of some skill but were hard to beat for enthusiasm.  I remember Cliff Mason (my brother), Cud Trainor, Les Marlborough up front, Doug Weatherall, Vince Wilson and Alan Lax.  There were also a couple of younger lads who like me played in the Cup Final at Durham again Sunderland Tradesmen.  They were the Leagues strongest team at the time and narrowly beat us.
But after the game we celebrated as if we had won.  We ended up at the Nevilles Cross Hotel and the young 'uns were not allowed to buy a drink. The rest of the team did the honours and we learned a lot about the effects of too much alcohol. 
I also played in the game against the Sunderland XI which included Sharkey, Usher, Dillon and others.  I thought we played them off the park - but they still won 13-0.
Great days for me. Thanks to all of those who contributed.

Eddie Mason