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Seaham Harbour

Church Street,

Drawing of our
model lighthouse

  Year 4, St Augustine's, Darlington visit Seaham Harbour
Seaham is a really fun place and we think you would like it there.....
The Coastal Studies Centre was decorated with shells and pictures.
Here we learned about the history of Seaham.
At Seaham we learned about the fishing boats.  They are stored in the harbour along with nets, fishing basketsand the life ring.  You steer the boat with a stick which looks like a joy stick. There was a wave screen in the harbour to calm the waves down, so the waves are calmer the nearer  to the harbour than at sea.  It is easier for the ships, carrying their cargo to load and unload.
There was a lot of machinery in Seaham Harbour, loading and unloading rock such as coal and granite in ships.  The machinery was mostly big cranes and ships.
We learned that imports was when ships from other countries brought cargo in to Seaham and exports was when cargo was brought out of Seaham.

Church Street

We walked down Church Street collecting information.
It is very clean and refined and there was very little vandalism.
Seaham was noticeably very creative.
There were plenty of trade marks in Seaham that we'd never seen before, such as the golden crabs on the top of the bollards.
There were some lovely touches like the bike stands which were actually models of bikes.
On top of the lamp posts were metal seagulls in different poses.
There were even fish carved into the floor.  We loved the street art because there were bronze tablets on the ground.

Back in the classroom
A picture of our model of the harbour at Seaham.  
We traced an aerial photograph  of Seaham Harbour on to acetate and then put it on the   
overhead projector.   Then we shined onto the wall to make it large and traced it on a big sheet   
of card to show where the  harbour walls were.  Afterwards we got different shades of blue  
 tissue paper and crumpled  them up as the sea. We started to sieve sand where the beaches   
would be at Seaham Harbour.   We made a lighthouse out of a washing up liquid bottle, and  
put a ciurcut inside it.  
You can see the diagram of  the lighthouse.

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