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Seaham Hall
Seaham Hall

The village of Old Seaham boasts a 1200 years old church retaining many of its original features.
It was to Seaham Hall that Lord Londonderry came with his young bride, Frances Anne Vane Tempest.

The Londonderrys
Charles Stewart, 3rd Marquis of Londonderry, developed the harbour to export the coals from his wife's estates. Alongside grew the town. The low quality farmland had only one other small village and farmsteads in the vicinity.

The town is very much the product of the Victorian era, featuring some characteristic architectural styles of the period. Many of the industries which developed alongside the harbour have gone, leaving only memories.

Lord Londonderry Frances Anne Vane Tempest
Charles Stewart 
3rd Marquis of Londonderry
Frances Anne Vane Tempest
Lady Londonderry
The history of Seaham can be traced through the gravestones in the churchyards and cemetery where are recorded deaths through disasters in the coalmines, on the railways and at sea. The street-names reflect the contacts and interests of the Londonderry family, from royalty and politicians to sporting events. A Londonderry horse was a Derby winner!
The town is surrounded by the low hills and deep denes of the magnesian limestone plateau and is criss-crossed by public footpaths and old railways.

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