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The Coastal Centre overlooks the commercial south dock area. From it's windows it is possible to view the activities of loading and discharging cargo. Most of this is bulk cargo which has come from mainland Europe, from the Baltic to the Mediterranean. Although there are no scheduled services ships arrive regularly to bring raw and part-processed materials to keep the wheels of British industry turning. Limestone, fertiliser, steel scrap, timber chipboard and anthracite are among cargoes regularly passing through the port.This is in direct contrast to the origins of the port, in 1828, when it was built exclusively for the export of coal.

The current port structure and the Dock Company itselfdate largely to 1898when the Seaham Harbour Dock Company was established by act of parliament. A celebratory exhibition is planned for the centenary in the summer of 1998. Today this thriving porthandles more tonnage than its once illustrious sister, the Port of Sunderland.

The smaller North Dock was unable to accommodate the larger vessels that came with the age of steam and diesel and is now used by inshore fishermen who add their own personality to the scene.Crab and Lobster pots are stacked on the quayside and the catch of these and Cod, Haddock, Plaice and Monkfish can often be seen offloaded

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