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1. High Colliery School Team  (1949 - 1950)

2. Dawdon Celtic FC (circa 1944 - 1950)

3. Bill Whitwell,  Football Echo 1931

6. Seaham Schools League, 1924-25

4. Dawdon Junior School Team 1969-70

5. Northlea Secondary School U14 1972

7. Deneside Juniors 1950

8. Deneside Welfare FC - 1950’s

9. Seaham Red Star 1955-59

10 Seaham Red Star (circa 1950)

11. Camden Square School-1930’s

13. Arthur Wharton

12, Seaham Wednesday

14. St Joseph’s U14 1967-68

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15. St Mary Magdalene circa 1923

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16.Ropery Walk 1953-54

17. Dawdon Junior School 1951-52

I’m sending you a photo of Ropery Walk school team 1952-1953 to add to your display – don’t remember winning many games, but I remember the names of the team.

The teacher was Hilary Simpson.

Back row L to R – Ray Howarth, Ian Gustard, Alan Thompson, Ron Oates, Jim Barrow, Des MacAuliffe.

Seated L to R – Bill Mead, Alan Bowmaker, Ron Ord, Bill Foots, George Ord.

At the front – Joe Ball

Ian  and Cynthia

Ropery Walk Primary School,

Seaham  Harbour 1953-54