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1. High Colliery School Team  (1949 - 1950)

2. Dawdon Celtic FC (circa 1944 - 1950)

3. Bill Whitwell,  Football Echo 1931

6. Seaham Schools League, 1924-25

4. Dawdon Junior School Team 1969-70

5. Northlea Secondary School U14 1972

7. Deneside Juniors 1950

8. Deneside Welfare FC - 1950’s

9. Seaham Red Star 1955-59

10 Seaham Red Star (circa 1950)

11. Camden Square School-1930’s

13. Arthur Wharton

12, Seaham Wednesday

14. St Joseph’s U14 1967-68

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15. St Mary Magdalene circa 1923

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16.Ropery Walk 1953-54

17. Dawdon Junior School 1951-52

Seaham Schools League Winners Medal

Won 1924-25 Season

by  Arthur Dobson

 Submitted by son  Alan Dobson  who writes:

"I am an ex-Dawdon lad now living in Cornwall, but still think of Seaham as my home.  My father Arthur Dobson was a local cricketer for Seaham Harbour CC and was Captain of Seaham Park CC many years ago.  Not long before he died he gave me many of his personal possessions one of which always made him laugh. It was a winners medal in the Seaham Schools League of 1924-1925, he said he hated football and never thought he would win anything in the sport.  I am enclosing a photo of the medal."