Who races whippets anyway??

Traditionally, whippet racing has been associated with the industrial north of England.
In many minds the sport will conjure-up images of men in thick, waist-coated suits, white silk "mufflers" and flat caps.

In fact, the popularity of whippets is world-wide. Lady-owners are "surprisingly" prominent and owners in general come from a wide variety of backgrounds.

For most owners, whippets are first and foremost family pets. The racing of whippets, however, is extremely popular with both owners and their dogs.
It is the racing scene which supplies the social side of whippet ownership. And it is a fairly hectic social scene in Britain.

Seaham Harbour Online sought the views of some whippet owners about whippets and whippet racing.

AAndrea Smith from Rotherham, England
Andrea has been racing whippets for 10 years. She travels all over the UK to attend race meetings and is a real enthusiast.

TheThe McGregor family from Livingstone,Scotland
They've been involved with whippet racing for over 12 years - the whole family!

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